Friday, January 8, 2010

My problem with Apple

A lot of people that know me know my distaste for Mac and all things Apple. I’m going to describe a few things, and justify myself. Now, I know, and we all know that my experiences are a lot less likely to happen to everybody else (Since I have so many), so here goes.

1. Security

We all talk about Mac’s not needing antivirus and all that jazz. Perfectly fine for a Mac, however Apple products on my Windows machine have caused some issues.

Quicktime conflicts with two antivirus programs that I’ve had across two reinstalls of XP and Vista 64 (Kaspersky and NOD32). Both of them consider QT to be a virus on my computer.

My firewall through Kaspersky found an intrusion through iTunes.

iTunes would randomly make my system hang. Two completely separate builds, so it’s not the hardware.

2. Actually using a Mac

I had about 2 hours of recording work done on Pro Tools on a Mac. I saved, went to the bathroom, and came back. The system went to sleep and I assumed I could just load from where I came from. This wasn’t the case. My file was nowhere to be found. I consider myself tech-savvy enough to be able to save correctly, but no.

I went to learn to use Mac to get Photoshop stuff done, and I found that by comparison to the Windows version, it’s more difficult to do things quickly on a Mac because if you click outside of the area you’re working, everything goes into the dock.

Not knowing if a program closed is annoying. - This wouldn't be as annoying if the 'x' button could be programmed to just close the program. Windows users typically find it very annoying to have to do the "file close" thing.

Not having a maximize button that actually maximizes is also annoying.

The ability to customize a Mac's interface is lacking. You can completely dismantle Explorer and the shell in Windows and Linux respectively. Why not Mac?

3. iPod.

I had an iPod. I traded it in when I realized that my Creative of equal specs had a microphone, voice recorder, and radio, didn’t require me to install iTunes, and was $45 cheaper. I traded it for another Creative.

Now with that in mind, for audio recording, GarageBand is free and better than EVERYTHING on Windows that you pay for, except Pro Tools (But that’s on Mac too). Mac handles this like butter and the recording quality of the default hardware is much better. No external sound cards needed. Final Cut blows away everything on a Windows Machine as well.

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