Monday, November 30, 2009

More on Twitter / Wave

I basically limit myself to using Google Wave and Twitter constantly. They're always up now.

Wave is starting to seriously grow on me. I like it, I dig it, the interface is gorgeous and will only get better (hopefully), the real-time everything just makes it fantastic. I had the fear that it would pull a second-life, meaning it would die due to it's lack of portability, but apparently it's already on the iPhone. That's pretty cool. Wave me at

Twitter is great, as I've met cool people like the k8black that I mentioned, one blogpost older than this one, and other cool people. Here's a few Twitter accounts that I think are noteworthy. (no particular order)

So that be that. I'm going to make a post about Thanksgiving and the "Season of Giving" that follows it in the coming days.

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